How Vascular Surgery Can Be Used To Treat Gangrene

Gangrene is a painful condition caused by poor blood supply, which causes the body's tissue to die.  Gangrene generally begins in the extremities, hands, and feet. If you are diagnosed with gangrene, your GP may refer you to a vascular surgeon for treatment.  But what causes gangrene, how can vascular surgery help and what can you do to prevent a recurrence? Causes and symptoms Gangrene particularly affects people with medical conditions that affect the blood vessels and circulation including: Read More 

Protecting the Bodybuilders Spine

Injuries when strength training the larger back muscles, such as the rhomboids are common. In order to build strength and mass, bodybuilders use heavier weights in order to stimulate maximum growth and size. Whilst free weights are better for developing muscle synergy they carry with them a greater risk of injury, as unlike resistance machines they rely on stabilising muscle groups such as the shoulder girdle to support them. Following these basic tips will help to protect your spine and allow you to develop upper and lower back strength with minimal risk. Read More 

Travelling to Mexico? Eat Safely with These 3 Food Tips

Mexico is a beautiful country with so much to see, do, and more importantly, eat. Whether you're heading there for work or leisure, your mouth may already be watering at the thought of all the delicious cuisine you'll be sampling. However, you must remember that food standards in other countries are not always as high as those in Australia. If you want to leave Mexico with happy dining memories, you need to make sure you avoid contracting a foodborne illness. Read More 

Getting Prepared for Life with Dentures

When a visit to the dentist ends with the recommendation of partial or full dentures as your only hope for a fix, you may find yourself thrown into a world of worry and anxiety. Many questions run through the minds of people in this situation. Will you look good in dentures? Which denture clinic will work best? How will your life change with dentures? Will the procedure hurt--and many similar questions that can easily plunge you into unnecessary distress. Read More 

Fight The Cyst-em: Diagnosing And Treating Bartholin’s Cysts

It's safe to say that any woman who finds an unusual lump or swelling on their vagina should see their gynaecologist immediately. However, in many cases, the cause of the lump is something called a Bartholin's cyst, a mostly harmless and non-infectious condition that can be treated easily and effectively. What is a Bartholin's cyst? The Bartholin's glands are two small, largely invisible glands positioned on the vulva that secrete the fluid used to provide natural lubrication during sexual intercourse. Read More