Reasons Seniors Would Benefit From Physiotherapy

When most people consider ageing gracefully, they tend to assume it denotes staying physically attractive as they get older. In reality, the prospect of ageing gracefully is not exclusively limited to your looks. Ageing gracefully also has a lot to do with how your overall wellbeing is and how you inherently feel about yourself. Therefore, you should not assume that engaging in cosmetic procedures is what would determine whether you have aged gracefully or not. Read More 

Using Compounding Services to Enhance Medication Compliance

In a world where the number of individuals encountering a chronic disease is increasing, medication compliance for disease management is important. According to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, less than 50 percent of patients take their medications appropriately, which in turn leads to poor disease control. While research into enhancing medication compliance is ongoing, it is worth considering whether compounding services could play a role in addressing the problem. Achieving the right dose at an early stage  Read More 

Life After Death

Years ago there were very few options when it came to burying loved ones. However nowadays funeral directors and private burial companies can offer multiple options that allow people to be buried in a way that befits their desires and personalities. Here are a few less common ideas that present more unusual options as opposed to a simple cremation or church burial.  Natural Burial A natural burial is very simple. It's a burial without chemicals or coffins that can inhibit the breakdown of the body. Read More 

3 Reasons to Use an Oral Irrigator Instead of String Floss When You Have Braces

You need to make sure you keep prioritising your oral health when you have braces fitted, but it can be very hard and uncomfortable to keep using string floss. That doesn't mean you should give up on cleaning between your teeth – in fact, you should consider using an oral irrigator instead of string floss while you are wearing braces. Here are just three reasons why. 1. Easier to Maneuverer Read More 

Robotic surgery promises better surgical outcomes

Each day, many people gladly entrust their lives to automated machines at work or at home. However, you could be forgiven for getting shocked at the possibility of a robot bearing above you with a scalpel glinting. However, fear not. A surgeon, in fact a highly-trained one, is controlling the robotic surgical system. This article seeks to explain what robotic surgery is all about so that patients can make an informed decision. Read More