Foot Problems Got You Down? Signs You Might Be Dealing With Plantar Fasciitis

If you've been experiencing foot problems, and you've been unable to find relief, it's time to seek professional help. You could be dealing with the effects of a condition known as plantar fasciitis. Before you ignore your foot problems any longer, read the information provided below. You'll find four signs that you need to seek treatment for your feet.  You Experience Morning Foot Pain Foot pain can interfere with your life, especially when you start your day with it. Read More 

Why You Should Always Get Vaccinated For Yellow Fever When Travelling Abroad

There are many illnesses that are regional in nature and Australia is lucky in that respect, as being isolated has largely insulated the population from a lot of dangerous strains. Yellow fever is one of the nastiest of those types of regional diseases and although it is not common in Europe or Asia, you are liable to come into contact with it in South America or Africa. So why is it so bad that it requires vaccination? Read More 

Vasculitis Explained

Vasculitis is a chronic condition that is characterised by inflammation of your blood vessels. It's a type of autoimmune disease, and the result of your body's immune system attacking your blood vessels include the narrowing, scarring and thickening of the blood vessel walls, which prevents sufficient blood flow through your arteries and leads to organ damage. It's not always possible to determine why a person develops vasculitis, but genetics are thought to play an important role. Read More 

Understanding Patellar Subluxation

Patellar subluxation is a knee injury characterised by the partial dislocation of the kneecap at the thigh bone. The injury typically occurs during physical exertion, and it's a common knee injury experienced by athletes. Here's an overview of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment approach for patellar subluxation: Symptoms Depending on the angle of the dislocation, it may be noticeable, but this is not always the case. However, even without a noticeable change in the position of the kneecap, there are clear symptoms linked to this type of injury. Read More 

Should You Use Hot or Cold Stone Massage Therapy?

If you've decided to try stone massage therapy to fix a niggling problem in your back, then you might not be sure whether you need to use hot or cold stone treatments. While both options give you relief from pain by tapping into acupressure points that relate to your problem, different temperatures produce different results. What's the difference between the two types of stone therapies? Which one should you choose? Read More